Advanced techniques to add stability and prevent accidents and damage.

Professional Tree Cabling And Bracing

As a tree ages, it can become unbalanced, with many tops or split trunks that can create an unsafe situation on your Dallas property. At Just Trees, one of our specialties is tree bracing and cabling that draws on our considerable knowledge of tree stability. Our services will work to correct codominant stems and keep you safe.

Not meant to be attempted by those other than professionals, successful cabling takes an experienced hand to be executed properly. On a visit, a Just Trees cabling specialist will install high-strength material that will both reinforce the structure of the tree as well as allow it to continue to grow. Bracing is a similar technique that uses steel braces rather than cables to secure the tree.

If you’ve already noticed a splitting trunk or a top-heavy tree, then it’s time to call in the experts at Just Trees. Left alone, the problem will only get worse, but our specialists can easily install the right cabling or bracing to stop the small issue from becoming a big one. We’ll explain what we’re doing and provide a clear invoice for the materials and labor involved in the job.

Don’t wait too long to schedule a cabling or bracing job that could save a valuable tree – call Just Trees at 972-385-0402 today.

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